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Changing with the Seasons

Happy Fall Ya'll! It's about that time where the seasons start to change from hot summer days to drops in temperature, less sunlight, and people starting to stay inside more. Now, for some of you the fall season speaks all of your love languages with the crisp air, cozy scents, warm drinks, and comfortable clothes (We're on the same team). But for others, it's the beginning of seasonal depression feelings, less motivation, and slower productivity. Not to mention the focus starts to be on holidays which isn't the best experience for everyone. Wherever you fit in this post, one thing we all can relate to is making the adjustment to change. Along with adjusting comes changes in emotions too. It's interesting how October is nationally recognized as Emotional Wellness Month. I'm sure someone, somewhere recognized how this time of year can trigger tons of emotions. So, this blog is dedicated to being emotionally well.

Boundaries, Boundaries,& More Boundaries

Boundaries are meant to create healthier relationships not just keep people away. Take some time to revisit your current boundaries or create new boundaries that promote more peace in your life. And yes family members deserve boundaries too!

You are allowed to say no when you need to.

Take Time To Relax

Just as the world around us takes time to slow down...allow yourself to do the same. Use what

works for you, whether that's moments of meditation, going to bed a little earlier, taking longer hot showers (or baths), journaling, or just changing the pace of your day.

During this time you may find yourself wanting to fill your plate with more things to do or wanting to do absolutely nothing. These extremes could also make you feel all over the place. Find ways to create a balance. Rest when needed. Work when needed.

Love on You a Little More

Check your self-love pulse. You good sis? Find ways to give yourself more compassion, gentleness, and grace. How have you been talking to yourself lately? When was the last time you told yourself...'I Love You'. When was the last time you looked yourself in the mirror and said, "You're doing a good job." You deserve more love so find more ways to invite self-love in your life.

By now I hope you hear that silent inner voice saying, "All things will be well." I reflect back to a quote that says, "the only constant in life is change". Even though life is forever changing, it's your flexibility and resilience that helps you to adjust. So grab your mug and let's toast to being emotionally well and evolving with the seasons!


Coach Dee

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