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Take Charge of Your Mental Wellness

"In a world where things are constantly changing, you have to find a way to stay grounded. " -Coach Dee

(A variation of Tree Pose is being demonstrated in the picture above. Tree Pose is a reflection of balance and stability.)

Hi Beauty!

In daily life we have so many things demanding our attention between family, children, friends, work life, dating life, marriages, self-care, spiritual practices, health maintenance, staying hydrated, finances, social media, news.....whew.... this list is getting long! With all that we have to manage we can very easily feel consumed with the day. That's how the "There is not enough hours in the day" saying got started. Some of you may have mastered conquering the day with ease and some may have to fight through depression, anxiety, self-doubt, fear, and vulnerability just to wake up the next day and fight again. No matter where you are on the mental leverage here are 5 tips to take charge of your mental wellness.

1. Take the time to Affirm and Declare.

Set the tone for your day FIRST before the day sets the tone for you (which it will with no question if you allow it). Affirmations and declarations are a great way to do this. Usually, I use affirmations that start with 'I am, I choose, I allow, I give myself permission, and I will...' . These affirmations remind me that I am in control and in the driver's seat. You may also choose to declare inspirational words from your spiritual practice such as biblical scriptures or mantras.

If you need help with starting, here is a copy of my Daily Champion Declaration.

Download PDF • 3.20MB

2. Prayer and Meditation.

We have to silence the noise of the outside world and tune in to our inward safe space. This happens through prayer and meditation. Prayer and meditation allow for mental resets to happen through gratitude, reflection, praise, and renewal. Did I also mention the power in stillness?! Add this to your daily task list with a priority check.

3. Plan Where You Can.

Planning and preparation helps with focus and clear directed goals. Write out your tasks in a notebook, use a calendar, set reminders, or whatever method works best for you. Stick to it as close as possible. Of course you can't plan for everything, but having a blueprint or a plan helps if you get lost along the way throughout the day, week, or month. And yes you got it is a reminder of what you are in control of because you planned for it! Added bonus is the confidence boost you get from getting things done you planned for and more motivation to work on the things you may not have gotten done (because that happens too).

4. Say No.

Now some stress is simply self-inflicted and can be eliminated by just saying no. Here's the thing, a lot of the reasons for not setting a boundary has very little to do with you but more about how other people will respond to you. For my people pleasers, this one is for you. Start practicing saying No. It really gets easier the more you take into consideration your needs before others. Toni Jones, said it best in her 'No is Bae' track on Affirmations for the Grown Ass Woman...."The therapy for my mental and emotional health comes from my No."

5. Get Connected to the Right Support.

You can do all of the inward work needed, but if your environment (social settings, friends, and even family) is not conducive to reinforcing wellness and stability then you end up working against yourself. You may not be able to change everything about your environment or the people around you, but you can switch up the scenery or invite the right people into your life. Get connected to online/in person supportive groups, find a good therapist, coach, or mentor, schedule a visit with your primary care doctor, join a fitness group, consult with a nutritionist, or talk to a supportive friend. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. No need to carry a burden alone if you don't have to.

Do you have any other tips that help you take charge of your mental wellness? Share! I'd love to know what works for you!

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. For more information

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