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I've been there.

My personal resilient story has evolved throughout my lifetime in learning how to create a healthy relationship with myself and with other people. I know what it is like to feel trapped in a world wind of emotions fueled by depression and anxiety while still having to show up and make things happen. I also know what it is like to heal through generational trauma and extend grace for my family to do the same. I understand heartache, disappointment, and stress. I also understand how to overcome. Throughout my personal journey, I have learned the art of persistence and determination beautifully wrapped in a formula of faith and resilience. My mission is to empower others to do the same.


faith and hope can be restored even in the most difficult times.


Many individuals I work with are looking to reconnect with the part of them that feels stronger, wiser, and able to understand their feelings more clearly. Depression, anxiety, grief, and traumatic experiences can make this seem far from within reach. Not only can life stressors make you feel disconnected from the best version of yourself; it can also be source of disconnection from family, partners, and friends. While these life experiences can feel lonely, they can also be an opportunity to lean into discovering your strengths and restoring the confidence you have in yourself and your abilities.

Through our work together, I'll help you reaffirm the resilient side of you. By strengthening your stress reduction skills, examining your thought patterns, and practicing new ways of connecting to others, we'll transform stressful experiences into opportunities of learning and growth.


A little bit about me

When I'm not seeing clients, I dedicate time to my son, partner, and family. I find my peace in prayer and meditation, listening to my favorite playlist, having a smooth cup of coffee, reading, and traveling. 

Growth is my passion at work and at home, so I'm always finding ways to learn new things to maintain balance in life.

Education, Credentials, & Certifications

  • BS in Social Work from Longwood University

  • Master of Social Work from Radford University

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker by the Virginia Board of Social Work

  • Certified Trauma Specialist by the National Association of Social Work

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