Your Dedicated Resilience Coach and Therapist- Here to Join You on Your Journey

Are you struggling with issues related to trauma, grief, addiction, depression, anxiety, or major life hurdles? Sometimes we can feel stuck in a cycle which can feel draining mentally, physically, and emotionally. It takes getting a little extra support to help give us the tools to overcome adversity. If this is you, I want to first let you know that YOU CAN bounce back! You can put yourself back in control of your life with conscious effort and RESILIENCE! I have the pleasure of  providing clients with tools to strengthen their 'resilience muscle' and thrive in life. Life can be overwhelming and sometimes even exhausting, but I’m here to guide you through any obstacles you may face. My goal is to help you understand yourself more deeply and better cope with adversity. I believe you have what it takes to overcome and my hope is that you are willing to believe it too!


**Coach Dee currently has a 3-4 week waitlist for NEW client appointments. You can still schedule your consultation to be added to the waitlist. Contact is made in the event of cancellations throughout the week which may result in sooner appointments.


Personalized Attention for Your Therapeutic Needs

So what is the difference between therapy and coaching? Therapy focuses more on mental health and emotional healing. Therapy also tends to focus on healing from the past. It is generally more long term work in which a client collaborates with a healthcare professional to diagnose and resolve problematic beliefs and behaviors. Therapy focuses on the "why" certain behaviors occur and the "what" happened to you. The idea is to analyze past experiences with the hope of creating a happier future.

Coaching is specific and goal oriented. Coaching is focused more so towards achieving future goals. This process could be long or short term. Coaching looks at the client's current starting point and is more action-based from that point onward. In coaching there isn't a diagnosis or clinical treatment. Coaching focuses on the "how" to work toward a goal.

Resilience coaching and therapy occasionally overlap in some areas. Both services work to enable clients to make positive changes in their lives.


This decision is a personal one and depends on your needs. Sometimes in order to move forward in life it takes exploring situations from the past that have impacted present beliefs and behaviors. The past for some could be a few months or years ago and for others it could be experiences as far back as childhood.

Other times you could be at stable level of good emotional wellbeing, but you just need guidance and strategy on how to overcome a challenge. 

"Working with Coach Dee has made such a phenomenal difference for me. When I started working with her, I didn’t realize how much work needed to be done and how comprehensive it would be. We set clear goals, which helped me not continue a cycle of being overwhelmed and avoiding tackling the issues I was experiencing. I am now much calmer and taking life’s hiccups with so much more grace than I’ve ever given myself.

-Client Overcoming Anxiety

“Coach Dee is beyond amazing - her unique ability to challenge and inspire is incomparable. I am incredibly grateful for all of the lessons I’ve learned during the six-week resiliency coaching sessions. She gave me a safe platform to explore and discover who and what I am truly capable of. Words cannot describe my appreciation for Coach Dee - she is truly one of a kind.

-Coaching Client


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